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80% of the world's oceans have never been mapped or explored. Bedrock Ocean Exploration is on a mission to change that. Their Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) and open-source cloud platform makes it possible to explore the ocean in less time and with less capital, helping us learn more about this critical resource. 

We created three videos for Bedrock over the course of about a year - all with the intention to illustrate that the ocean is the future, and the future is now. 


2022 The Telly Awards Gold - Branded Content 
2022 The Telly Awards Bronze - Online Commercials 
2022 Internet Advertising Competition - Best of Show Online Video 
2022 Internet Advertising Competition - Best Advertising Online Video 
2022 Internet Advertising Competition - Best Environmental Online Video 
2022 Internet Advertising Competition - Best Technology Online Video 

Media placements in Forbes, TechCrunch, CNBC, Cheddar, Fox Business, and CNN.

About Us

The Future is Now

What I learned:

  • While searching for a DP with underwater filming experience, I learned that a simple phone call can reveal a lot about potential production partners. 

  • Setting expectations with clients ahead of time goes a long way. For example, we prepped the client ahead of time that filming underwater would take a big chunk of the budget - that way there were no surprises when we sent the invoice. 

  • I learned how to navigate awards show submissions. 

  • I learned that my personal network can come in handy on projects! Many of the motion graphics in these videos were designed by people from my personal network. 

  • I learned that you need to understand your client's product and company inside and out. When this project kicked off, I didn't know anything about AUVs, or why exploring the ocean matters. It was important to do research on my own, so I could understand the client's feedback, and the point behind creating these videos. 

Associate Producer: Jenn Jacobson Paskett
Director of Content: Doug Patterson
Designer: Cindy Zhuang 

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