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The idea for this campaign began when the team noticed that people are particular about their dipping sauces. For example, consumers know what flavors they like, so they're reluctant to try new ones - even when other delicious options exist. Similarly, consumers agree that nothing is worse than running out of sauce in the middle of a meal. What if both of those problems could be solved in one sauce-centric campaign? This campaign celebrates an important, but often overlooked, aspect of fast food dining: sauces. 

Consumer Insight

People are particular about both the amount and flavor of their dipping sauces. 

Brand Insight

Chick-Fil-A sells full bottles of their sauces on their website. Sauce is an essential element of their brand - making Chick-Fil-A the perfect fit for a sauce-centric campaign. 

Amount of Sauces

There's nothing worse than running out of sauce in the middle of a meal. We will launch a new "Sauce Calculator" to make sure customers never run out of sauce again. Here's a prototype we created:

Flavor of Sauces 

People want to know what to expect when trying new flavors of sauce. To give them an idea, we will personify each sauce by matching them to a celebrity with a similar personality. 

Dolly - CFA.jpg
Martha - ranch.jpg
Guy - buffalo.jpg

We will also launch a "Sauce Showdown" bracket featuring all the sauces. Customers can try the different flavors and decide which one is their favorite. 

sauce off v 2.jpg

What I learned:​

  • The team approached me about ten days before their deadline and said they needed a "drill-sergeant of an account manager to keep them on track." To get this project done on time, I learned to crack the whip, but not leave a sting. 

  • With a lot to do and little time to do it in, I learned that creating an action items list with specific tasks for each person is an easy way to keep a project on track.

  • We did an Instagram poll to find out our friends' sauce preferences. From that, I learned that most people prefer Chick-Fil-A's Polynesian sauce, which I've never tried. I'll have to find an excuse to sometime soon. 

  • I learned that taking notes during meetings will make your creatives love you forever. 

  • In our early meetings as a team, the creatives often doubted their ability to pull this project off on such a quick timeline. I learned to be the creatives biggest cheerleader. When they were questioning their abilities, I needed to be the one to step in and rally them back up around their idea.

  • I learned that everyone brings different valuable skills to the table. We couldn't have finished this project on time without Audun's coding abilities, Eli's quick wit, Abby's eye for design, or my organizational skills.

Manager: Jenn Jacobson Paskett

Copywriter: Eli Gee

Art Directors: Audun Young, Abby Anderson

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