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Many don't know how to recognize the dangers they may encounter online; cybercrime cost Americans over $300 trillion in 2019.  Among cyber crimes, phishing scams are the most feared, yet many people don’t know how to spot them. The Federal Trade Commission has good tips on how to identify potential scams, but they are ineffective because the delivery is dry and dull.

Consumer Insight


Among those who fall for phishing scams, the majority of victims are women ages 65+. These are intelligent, capable women who find themselves at a disadvantage because they aren't the most technologically literate. They'd like to feel more confident online, but are unsure if the information they're getting is reliable and accurate.  

Brand Insight


The FTC is the place to go to report identity theft, cyber security threats, scams, etc. They are a trusted government agency and have the power needed to deliver a message on a large scale; however, the FTC lacks the creativity to deliver the message in a memorable way. Enter our campaign.

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We wanted to get this campaign in front of the target while they were on a website they generally feel safe on: Facebook. 


What I learned:

  • It was challenging to put myself in the shoes of a 65 year old woman. Writing this brief required a lot of research to help me understand the target market's perspective and what makes them tick. I learned how to think like the target market.

  • We wanted to breathe fresh life into a government agency, while making sure the creative executions would be believable as coming from the FTC. To do this, I learned how to think like the client. While brainstorming, it was my responsibility to ensure that all ideas stayed on brief and would be an execution the actual FTC would select.

  • After a few weeks of little progress, I knew we needed to pick up the speed if we were going to finish this project. I learned that periodic messages from the account manager keep everyone accountable.

  • I learned to speak up and voice my opinion, even when I'm unsure if others will agree. Most of the time, other people agreed with me and it opened up a new discussion. 

  • I enjoyed this project because the brand was unexpected. This could have easily turned into a boring project, but instead I learned how to write an inspiring brief, notwithstanding the brand.

Manager: Jenn Jacobson Paskett

Strategist: Eric Forbush

Copywriter: Emily VanDerwerkin

Art Director: Hayley Christensen

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