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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a type of chronic nerve pain used to describe lingering pain following an injury or surgery.  It's rare, and its cause isn't understood, although 90% of cases are triggered by nerve trauma to the affected limb that damages the nerve fibers. Its symptoms vary widely, making diagnosing CRPS hard, and finding a cure harder. Because of this, CRPS has been nicknamed the "suicide disease." 

Consumer Insight

This project was inspired by Gary Hill, Audun's dad. He experiences constant pain every day, but finds hope in doing activities that he did before his diagnosis. Of these, he particularly enjoys riding his Husqvarna dirt bike. 

Brand Insight

Riding a dirt bike is typically an activity that takes a lot of nerve, which is ironic given that CRPS attacks the nervous system. Because of this, we picked Husqvarna to raise awareness for CRPS to inspire more research about the disease in hopes of eventually finding a cure.



What I learned:

  • I was brought onto the project about two weeks before the shoot date. It was a wicked fast turnaround time, so I learned the importance of creating a schedule and making sure everyone else is sticking to the schedule.

  • At the shoot, our actor pulled his hamstring within the first couple of takes, meaning we couldn't finish the shoot as originally planned. Because of this, I learned to be flexible when things go wrong. The team remade the shot list right there on set, and the final product ended up better than our original idea.

  • This was my first time being on a shoot that required production insurance, so I learned how to deal with production insurance. 

  • The week before the shoot, we decided to take a day to go and scout our locations, which were about four hours away. It seemed excessive, but I learned to not underestimate the importance of a location scout. The whole team felt far more prepared for the shoot after scouting the location, especially the content creator.

  • I learned that it pays to know people. All of our locations, props, and even production insurance were secured at no cost because we had connections within the team. 

  • This project was incredibly important to Audun, since it dealt with a subject so personal. I learned that passion is contagious, because the rest of the team ended up working extremely hard to ensure the finished product did the experience of living with CRPS justice.


Producer: Jenn Jacobson Paskett

DP: Asher Huskinson

Edit: Josh Lee

Copywriter: Alec Samuelson

Art Director: Audun Young 

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