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  • Loves a good to-do list.

  • Will not travel without an hour-by-hour itinerary.

  • Collects postcards, and organizes them in chronological order.

  • Never misses a birthday.

  • Responds to texts and emails lightning fast.

  • Was once called a "social butterfly." (all the best people are!)

  • Wears a lot of hats, and wears them all well.

I believe that people create their best work in supportive and encouraging environments. It's my job to foster a positive, organized environment so creatives can do what they do best: create.

Currently searching for my next gig in San Antonio, Texas or remote!!

About Me Assets-04.png

A few more things to know about me:​

This (see right) is my husband; he likes to be carried.
I'm in the top .5% of Harry Styles fans worldwide.

I'm the biggest volleyball fanatic you'll ever know.

I consume chocolate milk once a day.

I'm a big time socks and sandals advocate.

Trying to turn my dog into a TikTok influencer (so he can pay his own bills).


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