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My real name is Jennifer, but only call me that if I'm in trouble.

I have a collection of over 1000 postcards from places I've been, organized in chronological order. 

I have one husband, two parents, two parents-in-law, three siblings, nine siblings-in-law, and 13 nephews/nieces, yet I never miss a birthday. 

I'm unstoppable once I make a to-do list.

I plan all of my vacations months in advance, with a day-to-day hourly itinerary. 

I love hosting - parties, movie nights, MarioKart tournaments, you name it. 

My first grade teacher wrote on my report card that I was a "social butterfly." 18 years later and it holds true - I am a people person through and through. 

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A few more things to know about me:​

This (see right) is my husband; he likes to be carried.


I'm in the top .05% of Harry Styles fans worldwide, but have never seen him in concert.

I'm the biggest volleyball fanatic you'll ever know - I once cancelled a date because it fell on the same night as the NCAA volleyball championship match. (no regrets)

I consume chocolate milk once a day.

I own 23 Piglets, still sleep with my childhood Piglet, and every time my parents see a Piglet in the wild they buy it for me.

I'm a big time socks and sandals advocate.


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