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The idea for Muscle Milk began when our team noticed too many athletic companies leaning into the gym-rat narrative. They were marketing their products to a niche group of individuals who looked exactly the same. In reality, there's a wide variety of people and body types who prioritize their health and fitness.

We wanted to highlight this in the most fun way possible: lucha libre. 

Consumer Insight


Fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of your body type, we all use muscles we don't know we have. This campaign aims to highlight those "special muscles" through the "special moves" each of the luchadores have.

Brand Insight


Muscle Milk is dedicated to human performance. Each of their protein drinks are crafted with the utmost care and effective ingredients. However, all of their advertising focuses on competition-based fitness. This campaign aims to extend Muscle Milk's reach and appeal to a new target market.

"Special fuel for special moves"


The Telly Awards 2021 - Bronze Branded Content



final el sol poster mockup.png
final el cadaver poster mockukp.png
final la fantasma poster mockup.png

What I learned:

  • I was brought onto this project as a producer. It was one of the biggest pieces I'd produced, and I was worried that I had the skills necessary to make the project successful. I learned that you grow the most when you’re stretched. I dove in, got to work, and this set ended up running smoother than any set I'd ever been on.

  • I learned to trust my creatives. When the team pitched the idea to me, it was definitely outside of my comfort zone. But they had a vision, and I had to trust that they knew what they were doing. I'm so glad I did. 

  • I learned to delegate what you can, then focus on everything else. I was fortunate to have an associate producer on this project, so I put her in charge of communicating with locations, freeing up my time for casting, budgeting, scheduling, and other responsibilities.

  • I learned that it's really hard to put out a casting call for a child without sounding like a total creep. No matter how many times I wrote variations of "ISO: tan kid willing to be shirtless on camera," it never ended up sounding less creepy.

  • I learned that somebody needs to handle the money. This process was made easier via a shared Google Sheets document where we could all record expenses and upload receipts as they came in. 

  • With the COVID-19 pandemic raging, I learned how to manage a set in the middle of a public health crisis. This meant observing and implementing Utah's COVID guidelines, such as social distancing, wearing of masks, taking temperatures, and on-set sanitization. 


Producer: Jenn Jacobson Paskett

Content: Josh Lee

Associate Producer: NaVia Taylor-Jensen

Copywriter: Mitch Winters

Art Directors: Hayley Christenson, Sophie Marsden

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