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Neurological diseases are the leading cause of global disability. Treatment today relies on manual examination of symptoms, slowing down diagnosis and precision care. Neuralight is building an AI platform to accelerate and improve drug development and patient monitoring. 

We created two videos for Neuralight to show that with a standard webcam or smartphone, Neuralight's technology can identify and help treat many diseases like Alzheimers, Parkinson's Disease, ALS, and Multiple Sclerosis. 

Neuralight is digitizing neurology.

About Us

The Neuralight Test

What I learned:

  • I learned to plan ahead as much as possible to ensure a successful shoot! With Neuralight's team based in Israel, coordinating emails would typically take a full business day to receive a response. 

  • This was one of the first shoots that I directed remotely. I learned that sharing encouragement and being a cheerleader can work wonders when someone is nervous on camera.
  • I learned the conversion rate between Israeli New Shekels and USD. (1 INS = .29 USD)
  • With a language barrier, I learned to be patient with our vendors. Similarly, I learned to avoid complex words and terminology, instead sticking with simple, concise instructions.
  • I learned how to scout a location without being on-site! We asked our client to take us on a virtual tour of their office space to identify potential filming locations, and then later asked our client to send us a few photos of each location we thought we might use. 
  • With the time change (CT + 8), one of our shoot days happened around 3 AM CT. I learned how to prepare a vendor to shoot without my direction, learned how to trust our vendor to execute our vision, and also learned a few things I would do differently next time.
  • I learned that post-production magic can help a client's confidence skyrocket - ask me about this! It's a great story.

Associate Producer: Jenn Jacobson Paskett
Director of Content: Doug Patterson
Designer: Cindy Zhuang 

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